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Bland diet and stretching...

Some things I've seen work very well for me during a recent flare-up:

Vitamin D seems to have helped a great deal.

Probiotics (of course, Phillips Colon Health, but I'm getting a better one with about 12 gut bugs instead of just three)



Rice cereal and soy milk

Rice cakes (my own recipe, not the crunchy store kind, use 1 c. rice flour and 1/4 c. olive oil, a little sugar and stevia, vanilla, one egg. That's it! bake 425 for 30 min, they turn out like little crunchy dough squares and are exactly the bland thing you want when your stomach is hopping around.)

Turkey or chicken if you want to slowly introduce back meat, but no spices and no sauces. Tuna in small quantities has been good too, with spinach.

Eggs are very easy on my stomach, boiled.

Barley: I've been eating this a lot, very gentle and filling.

Ensure, the weight gain type, but only a small amount at a time, otherwise it seems too rich and I get a little nauseous. Wish it came in a diff. flavor than chocolate, too much caffeine.

Spinach/kale is great and sits very easy on my system. Don't add vinegar or oil, just keep it simple, salt seems to be OK.

Eating about 6 small meals a day instead of 3 regular ones. I don't eat that much anyway, but this seems to keep things from getting bloated or gassy.

Bending and stretching exercises before and after bowel movements, nothing drastic, simple up in the air and down to the toes, side to side, etc... helps relieve any of my spasms and cramps if they are there.

Staying active: This seems to help more than anything. I know it seems easier to sit around and just be in pain and/or sleep (believe me, I did this for 2 days), but the more I've been active and working hard outdoors, the better I feel and the better my system seems to react. Instead of 6 bathroom visits a day, I'm now back to my normal 2, and they are both healthier, solid and no mucus/blood/gas situation. I think we're meant to move around and not sit. My gut tends to stagnate just sitting there all day.

Hope this helps others, it's been a good week so far for me and I'm learning what my body likes and what it does not. Alcohol seems to be a big no-no... maybe later, but not this soon after a flare. My system seems to be very acidic still, so I'm trying to figure out more akaline foods to get in order to get rid of this imbalance.
Awesome advice! I also really like spearmint tea when I'm flaring-settles the tummy and seems to reduce the spasms. I'm flaring right now and I'm definitely giving the stretching a try! :)
I am a big fan of eggs. Boiled or scrambled is how I like them. I also like that they are a protein. I seem to be CRAVING protein altely. i am not sure what my body is telling me.
I do feel a lot different that is for sure. It also helps to have a new health care team that seems to *really* care about me !!! Not a GP who is too busy and is not lsitening . I actually felt bullied by him and realize I didn't let him earn my trust !!