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Bleeding after Colonoscopy


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Seeing a little blood when having a BM is not uncommon for me. I often have mucus, and sometimes there is a little bright blood, too. However, the blood had been doing better lately. But since my colonoscopy last Thursday, I have been seeing some blood again. I had a good amount of blood immediately after the colonoscopy most certainly due to the biopsies (my GI took many throughout my colon and rectum). So is it possible the blood is still coming from the biopsies 4 days later? Has anyone else experienced bleeding a few days after a colonoscopy?

Hi xJillx, Mmmmm. Usually after a day or to its should stop. If its a tiny amount & just on the toilet paper I probably wouldn't worry, but if its more than that I think I'd be calling the Endoscopy unit.
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