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Bleeding AFTER Steroid use

I had some major back pain the past few weeks so doctor prescribed Methyldose pack (a six-day pack). Three days after finishing, I woke up with an attack like I haven't had in years!! Major cramps, diarrhea, cold sweaters, body shaking -- and ending with mucus and blood.

That was Friday night/Saturday morning. (BTW, it's Tuesday and I still haven't gone to the potty!! I'm worried I have inflammatio or a stricture!)

But my questions....I thought steroids were good. Why would have an attack after use??

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I'm not sure. But, one thing I do know. Have you contacted your doctor? Not going to the bathroom for 5 days is not good. I'm thinking a trip to the ER might be in store. Hope you're feeling better soon. Please keep us updated.
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I went this morning--very little--still some bleeding. Damn. I see doctor at 2:30pm. Thanks for the reply.
He is thinking an infection, since I have been subbing a lot at the kids' school!! Blood test and stool samples ordered. RX for Levsin (Hyoscyamine) and Probiotics.