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Bleeding and strictures

Hi guys,

I'm 32 and have had crohn's for 17 years now...
I considered myself lucky as for many years I was relatively well with azathioprine only, till 5 years ago when I had strictures and needed a strictureplasty surgery.

I switched then to Humira, and seemed I was doing ok (tests were not too bad except for a slight anemia and high calprotectin levels), but 3 months ago I had a massive gi bleeding (black stools) I fainted and finished into hospital (my hemoglobin went down to 8)... :( I did all the exams... and it appeared from the MRI I had inflammation and strictures again in my ileum... the docs gave Prednisone to ease the inflammation and I stopped Humira as it clearly failed.

One month ago I started Entyvio (2 shots so far) and stopped Pred, but last week I had a kind of flare with nausea, slight fever, and strange sensations in my throat and stomach.. so the docs gave me a cycle of Pred again (25 mg / d for 10 days and then usual tapering..) as they said Entyvio could take months to be effective. The nausea and fever eased very quickly, but I still feel some throat inflammation (not sure it's Crohn's related). But now I had some dark brown stools again, not sure if it was blood... and I'm quite scared I may be bleeding again... of course I'll tell my doc asap and have a blood test next week or before if it continues.

Have you guys had bleeding, and how did you solved it? How many cycle of Pred have you been on before Entyvio start to work?

I really need some support from you guys, thanks in advance!