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Bleeding from skin tag and constipation

Hey guys, I just had my first C in a long while. Its not horrible but I am definitely not going my usual every dady like I did all summer. I am wondering if it a single thing or a multiple of things. Starting school is a stress for me followed by drinking half as much water/gatorade, and also laast night. Yesterday was my parents twenty second anniversary and we all went out to dinner last night at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse, I had a ribeye steak that was about the size of my head in length, then I had some steakfries, and then finally half of a mini cheesecake thing they have which if anyone goes there can easily be shared by two or three people and everyone will have their full of it. Needless to say this morning when I went to the bathroom I had the most minisculle amount of blood and after checking came from my skin tag probably, graphic context in this line, due to the hardness of the poop and the fact that a lot came out at one time. I usually get one or two pieces to come out that are pretty sizeable and this was about four times the size. I still have a slight stomach ache but it could be the fact that I overstuffed myself last night and to make up for it I did not eat as much this morning because I did not want to feel like crap all day.

I am not in pain or anything but I definitely feel different and I am praying this is not the begining of a flare because I have done so much work to not get one again. I think it may partly have to do with the fact that my doctor is so wanting of me to gain weight and he said to eat whatever makes that happen. So against everything I say and want to do I have to eat poptarts, yuk, and cokes and stuff like that.

Thanks for reading this guys

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sounds to me that you are just experiencing the after effects of a big dinner. I have a skin tag also so blood is fairly common for me too. Eating that much food (especially meat) probably is responsible for your episodes so far, so do not overly worry.

It is good that you are thinking proactively, but do not wory yourself sick!
Yeah thats what I was thinking. Every year though about this time to December I get a small flare and I am hoping that that was not the begining of it. The good thing is today I feel fine so I think Im all good.

Thanks Mike for the reasurance


I think it sounds like you ate to much. Did you have indegestion also? Did it feel like it was hard for you to break it down? How loud and volitile were you bowels? lol


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Back in the day, proteins & carbs was what I'd eat to bulk up for competition. Protein for muscle mass, carbs for energy.. My chest measured 52", my neck 21", and my arms 19"... and I could benchpress bt 320 - 350 lbs... But nowhere in my diet plan (or anyone else I trained/worked out with) would you find a lot of empty calories like pop, cheesecake etc.. Anyway, being back on a hi protein diet at my age now really isn't a hardship (altho you've got to keep an eye for protein excess from bladder) but you have to adjust for it with IBD.. Small portions, eat less more often, cut it up AND masticate the heck out of it... I think you were playing with fire, and I think the reason you are worrying about it is that you know you were too... AND all of us here on the Forum know how bad that fire can burn us. So, I'm not saying you get what you deserve (being ill isn't a moral judgement thing)..
Keep your fingers crossed, your spirits up, and hope you got away it this time, OK?
I saw a guy play russian roulette with a 38 once, and I didn't think it was wise of him, or brave, or cool... I just thought, Welll, you'd think a smart guy would know better.. And I happen to think that you are a pretty smart fellow. Am I right, or???
Thanks guys, hey Kev I did get away this time luckily. I was like, I am not going to get filled up by the small steak so I got a bigger one. Then my parents got a desert so I did as well. I was thinking that since I am in remission that I could eat something like this. Normally steak never affects me but the amount of steak I guess was what did it. My motto is to always eat things in moderation and the one time I splurged I payed for it.
Hey, I'm willing to bet everyone here "cheats" from time to time. It's human nature. We just need to remember that it's our own selves we're cheating and there will be a price to pay. I can't digest fats. I had a bacon and grilled cheese sandwich last week. It was sooooooo good! I paid for two days. Moderation. Moderation. Moderation!

Glad you're feeling better!