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Bleeding on inner lining from colonscopy

After the colonoscopy, the doctor shared the attached image stating that the bleeding was a result of the scope. It was normal before Doctor inserted colonoscope into the ileum.

The questions are -
1. Is this normal? So much bleeding.
2. Does it heal by itself or cause more problems?
3. He inserted colonoscope about 10 cm in ileum. Is this normal?

Very concerned that we may have created bigger problems since everything was good.

Please help.

Thank you,



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Maybe you should be talking to your doctor about the bleeding if this is a worry to you
and if you are losing a lot of blood.
I have experienced some blood loss but it cleared within a day or two after the scope.


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1. Yes, some bleeding is normal. If it doesn't clear up in a day or two contact your doctor.
2. Unless it is a serious problem like a perforation, the bleeding will usually clear up on its own.
3. Yes, 10 cm into the ileum is good. In fact some GIs sort of "compete" to see how far into the ileum they can visualize compared to other doctors.
The farther into the ileum they can go the better they are able to assess the extent and severity of your disease.
A GI with poor technique may not be able to get into the ileum at all or perhaps only a cm or two. 10 cm is pretty good.