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Bleeding out of the blue

I'm so frightened I was diagnosed with Crohns 2010. For the most part Remicade kept things under control however switched to Humira recently to address other issues.

Today for no apparent reason I'm having fairly heavy rectal bleeding. I generally don't panic it's happened here and there but nothing like this

Anyone go through this? I know it's stupid but I don't want to call my. DR I simply can't stand the thought of more surgery I've been operated on 10 times already. I know ill have to get checked out but I'm just so angry and scared.

Thank you for letting me vent..


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Hi and welcome! I'm sorry to say this, but if it's getting heavy it's probably time to get checked out by a doctor. A little bit here and there is no problem, but if it's getting heavy and worrisome I'd make sure to get checked out. Don't want to see it get worse. Please keep us updated. Lots of hugs are being sent your way.
Rectal bleeding is not common. You might have an open hemorrhoid which needs to be banded or a severe anal fissure. Please notify your doctor. If you let heavy bleeding continue, you could become anemic which would cause further problems. :(