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Bleeding rectum stump

bleeding rectum stump

Does anyone else who still has there rectum left after surgery.... I have bleeding and cramping every morning. It feels like still having the need to go to the bathroom even though there isn't anything in there. This is so weird but if I sit on the toilet for awhile like I used to then it eases up. Some blood passes and then all is quiet for the rest of the day. But sometimes in the middle of the night it starts again.... feeling like I have to go sooo bad. Has anyone had to deal with this too?


I have that too. I still have blood or mucus depending of the day and its been like 10years +. And it has always been that way. Real "urges" are rare but I feel the need to go often, especially during my periods because of the pressure/inflammation. Surgeon said that it is common.


I take it this has suddenly occurred for you? I know it's not unusual for us to have mucus pass. (mine is only once a month, others daily)

But, it sounds to me like you have inflammation there. There are some options for you to reduce the inflammation. There are pentasa suppositories, and pred foam and other things like that to help in that area.

Dont wait around for it to get worse. If you ever want a reversal, you need that wee little hole!!! (hope that didnt offend)
Hi Lari,

I am going in to have mine removed this week. My docs said 'it has to go'. It is not a nice op, as I understand, but I hate the blood/mucus and will be glad to get the op out of the way. It usually has to be removed within ten years anyway, if you are not having a reversal/pouch. Healing can be a problem after this op for us Crohnies too. There is a risk of cancer too, so I have made the decision to have the op. Just a pity it means I will be in hospital over Christmas.

Kaz xxx
Hi Kaz . Why does the doc say it has to go? I have heard so many horror stories of healing problems if rectum is removed. I am scared to do it. I will never have a reversal and I sure would like to get rid of the whole thing like you. Please keep me posted on how things turn out for you. I am hoping for the best.... and for a speedy recovery for you.
Hi Lari, I was told that it can be problematic after 10 years and that the cancer risk is greater. My surgeon said they all need removing at some point. As I have Crohns, I think it is still active and I am worried that if I leave it the healing may not occur as well as it might do now (I hope!!) I was losing blood/mucus about 7 times a day, although it is more like 3/4 now. I am terrified, believe me, and I have heard all the scare stories too. I have just decided to do it, I just hope I don't swap these problems for something worse. I will let you know how it goes xxx
I am sure all will go well for you. And I bet you will be so glad to get it outta there! No more problem stump to deal with..... I will.keep my fingers crossed that you come thru wonderfully.


I hope everything will go well for you...!
I think this is gonna be my faith soon too. I think they might have to remove mine soon aswell. They've let it there when I got my stoma 12 years ago but I have been warned of the cancers risk too. They do biopsies to avoid that but well... I don't know...
Let us know how it goes, I hope you'll have a quick recovery!
I just had the scope procedure done a few days ago. He looked in my rectum and did some biopsies. He also found a fissure. I posted on another thread about how I had yhis done without a sedative or anything..... it hurt! !
Anyway he gave me 2 different kind of suppositories. Hopefully if the fissure heals I wont have the bad symptoms I have now.
Thanks for your help everyone
Lari, I know that healing is pretty slow when you get 'sewn up'. But quite frankly I'm glad I got mine all taken out. Once it's all healed, that's it. No need to worry about the problems you're having.

I'm not all healed yet but I can sit perfectly comfortably on my bum and I'm nearly 4 months post op now.

Hope the suppositories work though!
Hi Lari,

Rectal Stump mucous and bleeding! I had a horrible time with mine before they got rid of it. Emptying it up to 5-6 times a day along with much pain and like you say the urgent feeling of taking a dump never far away! I tried the pentasa suppositories and predfoam and had some success but ultimately was adviced that it had to go.

Like yourself I had heard of bad stories about my healing, and I did feel like I was rolling the dice with my life. Ultimately, however, it has been the best choice I made.

I hope something helps you soon. :hug:

Gav :)