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Bleeding with regular BMs

Other than my never end cycle of fistulas and abscesses, I have been feeling good lately. But within the last week or two I have had rectal bleeding with my BMs. I should mention that my BMs are fairly regular (1-3 times a day) and not diarrhea. It looks like blood is in the #2 and also coming out. I have no idea what this means. I mentioned it to my GI last week and she really didn’t seem worried about it. I feel like I should be worried. Bleeding isn't normal, right? She did say that I am due for a colonoscopy within the next month or two and she would like to see what’s going on. I am also going in for fistula surgery Friday. Any thoughts?

I thought so. I have the same experience as you - the only time I have had bleeding is during a flare, but for me that is usually constant diarrhea. I have never had a flare with out the big D. I suppose I should call the surgeon and at least alert her to this.

Thank you for responding!


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Yes, bleeding is a concern. I would certainly be more proactive with your doctor about this issue. Keep us posted!