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Bleeding without any diarrhea

Yes, when I first started bleeding I did not have diarrhoea, just bleeding/ melaena/tarry bm's- mine is from the small bowel and was a bit scary at times it has to be said! Happily haven't needed a transfusion for about 3 months now :)) and hopefully never again.

Crohn'sFor Life

Colon Free!
Thanks guys!

I will speak to my GI. It probably is inflammation in the lower part of my colon...as I have yet to suffer from any small intestine problems.
Hi how long have you had it and what colour?? sorry to ask I had it recently for about 3 months (plus) never been a symptom before and eventually said to the consultant, of course as soon as I booked the app the symptoms began to ease, regardless he had a good look and said it was just small haemorrhoidal tissue anyway booked in for another colonoscopy and endoscope in a couple of weeks. Hope you get sorted