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Does anyone know if blesphartis can be related to Crohn's?

A few weeks ago I got a strange stye in my eye. I've never had one before. Painful, swelled large, bled a lot. I looked like I got into a bar fight. The GP and the optometrist had not seen a stye act like that. It's a couple of weeks later, and still a bit little red. Optometrist says it looks like my eyes have blesphartis.

Wondering if the eye issue is a coincidence, or if it's Crohn's related.

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Crohns patients need to see an ophthalmologist (MD) at least once a year sometimes twice a year in the beginning since crohns can cause serious eye issues (uveitis and iritis)
Optometrist is not an MD

Please schedule an appt Woth an ophthalmologist

Ds has episclertits due to crohns multiple times


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My daughter gets blepharitis all the time. Her ophthalmologist (agree with MLP on this) says it is more related to her psoriasis than her Crohn's.
It was pretty easy to get rid of and in order to prevent it in the future she takes a cotton ball with warm water and baby shampoo and wipes the lash area upper and lower.
Thank you! It's good to know it's easy to control. I've never had a stye before and didn't know what was happening, especially when it started to bleed. It's hard to know what's related to the Crohn's and what is unrelated at this point. It's been very confusing the last couple of months.