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BLOATING 4 weeks post op

The bloating is what's preventing me from returning to work!!!
I can't wear dress pants LOL honestly though, I am only comfortable in joggers or PJ pants. Is this normal??? I had a bowel resection 4 weeks ago. I thought that by now I'd feel more like myself, but it's really taking it's time.
Any advice, suggestions, stories from others who've had this heavy, bloating feeling after 4 weeks or more after surgery?
I am no longer swollen, everything else seems somewhat normal lol, just a REALLY heavy feeling in my lower gut!

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Hey Kacey , I was ok after mine but it took 6 weeks. Are you avoid dairy at the moment? Meds are you on to help? :hang: still a bit early, don't panic. Did you have your surgery in Sudbury Hospital?
Yes I did have the surgery in Sudbury. I am on Imuran, which I JUST resumed since after the surgery. I was on it prior, but I basically went off of everything (food included) for about 9 days before the surgery. I just had a TB test and X-ray, they want me on Remicade in the new year.
I should also mention I am on Vitamin D and Calcium, & B12 Tablets. And that I haven't been avoiding much of anything-food wise! When I left the hospital, if I had to guess, I was about 80 lbs!!! Not exaggerating either. I'm about 90lbs now.
Hang in there as i to found relief from the bloating in about 6 weeks. It is worth a little discomfort know as i am a new person after the op - so happy - not perfect - but happy!
It will ease. K xxx


I didn't have a resection, but when I had my colostomy surgery it took a good 6 - 8 weeks for the bloating to go down. They get in there and move your guts all around, it's kind of understandable that they need time to settle back down again.

I hope it abates for you soon!
Thanks guys! It is at least comforting to know that it's normal!!
Is something like Gas X or Oval worth trying? It's so annoying, I just want to wear pants!