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Bloating and fizzy-feeling burps

Hi all

On occasion I get some bloating and with it, maybe fizzy burps. It's like I had a soda but I didn't. The fizz feeling goes right up to my nasal cavities when I burp. It can also taste like I drank beer but I don't drink beer and haven't in years. So I figure something is brewing in my stomach or bowels, either yeast or bacteria overgrowth. I think it is the latter. It will eventually go away but never know why it started in the first place.

I have Crohn's but it has been under control for almost 5 years now where I've been pred-free since February 2010.
Do you have acid reflux? Sounds like that could be an issue.
I am on Nexium and get occasional reflux but usually not with a fizzy sensation going up to the throat and even the sinus cavities.

I may be having a mild flareup for the past 4-5 days. I never know anymore since the surgeries I had in 2008 and 2010. Flareups don't present themselves in the same way anymore.
Hi Brad, i know it’s an old post but I’m new to this forum. Your post came up in a google search i did. You’re the only other person i can find that mentions fizzy burps that taste like beer. Mine too. I’m wondering if you ever got a diagnosis for this. No one will take me seriously but I’m really concerned about it.