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Blood blood and more blood

Every morning starts off with a burst of blood out of the wazoo, then several bloody poops, a few not so bloody and several trips of just blood and blood chunks. Just filled the toilet with a whole lot of ..you guessed it - blood. Wnet to a new GI last week and told him of this and he said - sounds like you have UC and NOT Crohn's. So he gave me my annual colonoscopy last Friday - diagnosis - Crohn's! I have several ulcers spaced apart throughout my colon which is evidently indicative of Crohn's rather than UC. However, he said it doesn't look too bad. He really wants to put me on oral predisone but is also considering Humira - going on Wednesday for a TB test.

Question is - I saw nothing on my colonoscopy that I would think would create SO MUCH BLOOD. Could there be something else seriously wrong further up the chain that the colonoscopy couldn't see????


That sounds like an awful situation. :(

Essentially, yes. There could be something else going on as well. I would request further testing to make sure the rest of your digestive tract isn't being effected as well, especially if you'll feel more comfortable just getting that checked.

And, of course, PLEASE go to the emergency room at the first sign of blood loss anemia. Fatigue, rapid heart beat, dizziness, pale skin, headaches, shortness of breath, etc. are all signs that you're losing too much blood.
The inflammation that looks like pizza grease or tonsil stones in those pictures starts bleeding when your Crohn's acting up. In general you can tell how fresh blood in stool is by how red it is, bright flaming red usually implies a rectal tear or a tear somewhere near the secondary valve. (there are two valves in your rectum) After that it's various shades of dark red that can be confused for black if you dont have an eye for color.

If there's a rectal tear you could ask your GP for hydrocortisone acetate suppositories, they did wonders for my own rectal tearing and bathroom discomfort.