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Blood clots in lungs due to surgery

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Hi Guys

well i went to see my gastro on monday and just got back yesterday (lol ) , first of all i was 3 weeks early, but she did see me, i told her about my breathing problems beacause ive had probs breathing in since my op on 10th april,
she sent me for a blood test to see if there was signs of any blood clots in lungs which sometimes happens after a big op, and said to come back next day for chest xray.
well the results came in on mon evening about 3 hours later and the doctor said if it was 180 or less i could of gone but mine was 189 (cant remember name of the test) which showed signs there may be a clot and i had to stay in over nite for observation and they also did the chest xray that nite.
Next morning they sent me for a VT (scan of lungs) and said they would let me know by 5pm if i could go , got back from scan at 11am the doc came down at 11.30 and said i have to small clots in my lungs.
i started on the injection in the belly yday to thinnen the blood and WARFARIN.
Ive got to self inject ENOXAPARIN for 2 days then go for more bloods on friday to see how thin my blood is and how much WARFARIN i need each day, im taking 2 today and took 3 yday
Not really looking forward to it as got to take it for 3-6 months, i got kids and got to be carefull of bruising and bleeding.

:D to you all from a nervious warfarin taker
Sounds like you had quite the bit of fun. I hope this all gets taken care of for you with minimal problems. I have no idea what warfarin is, nor have I had any similar issues.
But i wish you luck regardless!


o donna-i'm so sorry-after all you've been thru recently this is the last thing you need!
i shall be thinking of you next time i moan about one of my(comparitively)trivial ailments!
:cat: big hug!


I read this and was like, I know I posted on this! but dont see it! lol, having a brain-dead moment.
I will just say again, big hugs Donna, it must be pretty scary. I hope your OK, and feel better soon.


hey donna my father inlaw is on it its not to bad i dont think he has to much problem with bruising but i think he had to aviod certian foods lol i cant remeber twhat they were but i think one was garlic which isnt brilliant for us anyhow

Best of luck with that hun


Mama Crohnie
Oh Gosh Donna, I hope they can clear this up quickly. I've never heard of this drug Warfarin, but I certainly hope it helps in your recovery. Hugs to you sweet lady. You're in my thoughts