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Blood in mouth in morning

Hey All

Ever since I started remicade I get blood on the roof of my mouth most mornings. It is putting me off my breakfast because of the taste!

Usually when I wake up i have this terrible taste in my mouth and when I rub my tongue to the roof of my mouth and spit there is blood, brownish colour. Do any of you get this?
I never experienced anything similar to that while on Remicade. Definitely call your GI or at least the infusion nurse and let them know. That needs to be checked out!


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I haven't taken Remicade yet but I have woken up with blood in my mouth before. For me it was caused by either a nose bleed or my gums bleeding. If you don't notice any blood coming from those areas then its possible that there's something else going on like some sort of acid reflux that's causing damage while you sleep. I'd want that checked out. Having an endoscopy done should show any signs of an acid reflux issue or anything else that might be going on. Keep us posted and I hope it stops soon. :)