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Blood in stool

Hey guys,
My son has blood in his stool. This has never happened before. He was constipated most likely bc of the prednisone and EEN. Is this common?

my little penguin

Staff member
Let the Gi know.
they will need to know color?
On the toilet paper ,stool or water or all three
How many times?
Consistency of the stool Bristol still chart abd number of bm per day .

plus any other symptoms right now
How long since his last remicade infusion?
When is the next one due ?
Will tell him tomorrow...My son said blood was in the water...it’s the first time. I had told the GI yesterday that he was constipated, and Dr advised miralax. Gave it to him today and then he had hard bm with blood a few hrs later. I’m hoping it was bc of strain. But concerned. Last remicade was 11/24...next will be 12/8. He seems to be fine now...but what a scare!😢

Lady Organic

Staff member
Its possible its related to the inflammation that is not yet fully in remission. Could also be a little fissure or other mechanical issue bc of strain as you mention, a blood drop in the toilet, since he didnt have blood before as a main symptom of disease. The next few days and weeks will tell, but with all 3 treatments your son is on, EEn, prednisone and Remicade, he is really in a good posture for a speedy recovery. Im positive things will kick in very soon for him:)
@my little penguin thank you for checking up. No bowel movement since the last. He keeps having this feeling of pressure and having to go, but nothing coming out. We gave him stool softener so hoping that helps.
He’s been getting really hungry...Dr said side effect of prednisone. Just waiting for next infusion on Tuesday...

my little penguin

Staff member
Is he in daily miralax?
Stool softeners never did anything for ds
But unlike other crohns kids
He gets constipation
So he has been on daily miralax for the past 10 years .
Feeling like you have to go but can’t temesus is very annoying per ds
Typically for ds it’s when his rectum is inflamed as well.
He uses uceris foam for that if it continues for a week or two but nothing the occasional issue
But it took years to figure out that worked best for him and that issue
The Dr had said daily miralax, but after the first dose, he had the blood in stool...it could have been bc he was backed up anyway. I’ve never heard of uceris foam. Will look into that in case it’s needed. Like your son, mine also has not had diarrhea, but looks like the meds are giving him constipation? I gave him a stool softener this morning and he had a bm without blood about half an hour later. I’m just documenting everything to see what works and what doesn’t. You said your son is on daily miralax...is it because of the medication or lack of fiber in his diet?

my little penguin

Staff member
When there is disease in the small intestine then constipation happens ..
Fiber doesn’t matter in this case
Actually too much fiber makes things significantly worse for my kiddo
Constipation is not a side effect of remicade
Colonic disease tends to have more diarrhea
If the Gi wanted him on daily miralax
Then you need to either keep him on daily miralax (takes three days to work btw)
Or call the Gi and tell them you stopped it
Changing treatment protocols is not recommended in the beginning without clearing it first with your gi

if your child was constipated and sounds like still constipated then daily miralax gets things moving and keeps them moving by drawing more water into the stool . It is not a laxative .
Uceris foam is a rectal steriod foam by prescription.

The miralax wouldn’t have cause the blood