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Blood in toilet not in stool?

So with crohns i've always been on the lookout for black tarry stools. However i have an odd one. For the past 2 days i've had completely normal stools a dark brown however under the stool in the toilet there's like a red fog as if it was blood that just fell to the bottom of the toilet. I examined the stools and no sign of blood or blackness to them. Also no blood on the paper after wiping. No idea if this is in fact blood or not but the red scared me. Yesterday I started drinking some of those veggie smoothie drinks one of which was red. Maybe that could be it?

My doctor always wants me to go to the ER if i see blood in stool, but i feel fine. Should i give him a call?
Im pretty sure that was on3 of the ingredients in the smoothie.

Also, it seems to not be happening today. So I think im good?
Probably the smoothie.

When my son had blood it was very obvious.

Glad it seemed to clear up, always a good idea to check it out. I know this is gross but you can take a picture with your phone for future reference or if it happens again to compare.