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Blood, pain, burning and itching after bm

blood, pain, burning and itching after bm

My 16 yr old son has crohns disease and is scheduled for his remicade infusion this friday. He told me last week can you call the dr? Asked why he said for a week he has had blood and pain when he has a bm. Called his gi and they scheduled lab work and stool tests. The blood work is his usual b4 an infusion and to check for his inflamatory markers. Nurse called and the lab work came out great. I just took samples of stool in today. He now is telling me it hurts for hours after - asked what kind of pain he said sharp, itchy and burning - makes me think its a hemoroid. He has been doing his infusions for a year and a half now and it really scares me. He started on 12 pills a day and we decided to go the remicade route - he gets infused every 2 months. I guess i have to wait and see what the results for his stool is. Im just hoping they can scope him either endoscopy or colonoscopy - b4 his infusion friday. Also can they find out if there is a hemoroid or fissure fistula by a physical exam? Anyone else experience this kind of pain while on remicade?
I'm almost 6 weeks into Remicade and I've had a little irritation, but I use some Tucks wipes and that seems to resolve things. I don't think it's from the Remicade though -- when I was younger (early teens), my symtoms would "flip" from being in my terminal ileum to being perianal. This isn't as bad at it was then, but I think that might be what's going on for me. Do you think it could be something similar for your son? I always found that the perianal symptoms were more painful on a day to day basis than small intestine inflammation, but I didn't get any of the systemic effects (fatigue, nausea, reduced appetite) and I could treat with something topical like cortifoam, so I didn't have to take pred either. Hopefully you'll both get some answers and your son will get a little relief soon!!
In conjuction with physical exam, my doc used MRI-E on pelvic area. The MRI-E showed a small fistula (anus area) where as the physical exam did not. Since I had a fistula 20 years ago, I knew it was something like a fistula...but since ya really can't ever see these things, you always base things on a "feeling".
I've had those pains in teh past. Burning and itching and the pain lingers for a long while adter the bm. I get that when my rectum is irritated. Meaning had lots of direha and it itches and burns.

I put zink cream short terms it helps. Lots and lots of cream. When it's longer then I need a presciption from the doctor for a freezing cream in the rectum.

Hope it's nothing serious like me.

Good luck