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Blood Results - Lymphocytes Monocytes



Just wondering if anyone has had low levels of Lymphocytes or Monocytes?

My bloods came back with both low, GI secretary said GI isn't concerned but never explained why they have dropped.

Could this be because of prednisone (35mg daily) or starting Entyvio?

Any guidance would be appreciated.

Thanks! Kyle :)


New York, USA
My lymphocytes have been low for ages, with no concern from my doctor...sometimes the monocytes are a little high, usually in normal ranges though. The drop could be because of medications, I'd keep an eye on it and if they drop/raise significantly then I'd be more concerned.


Hi Lisa, thank you appreciate the feedback. I will keep an eye on it, I have bloods every 2 months now. Hopefully be on a lower dose of pred by then too!
I have had low lymphocytes too.

It's a form of idiopathic lymphopenia that is increasingly common among crohn's disease patients.

It is usually CD4+ lymphocytopenia. It is not caused by HIV, nor by an acute infection, nor thymus problems. Nor do they keep dropping like HIV, they are generally low but stable.

So there remain a few questions that are hard to answer:
-do we actually have low lymphocyte counts or just low circulating blood lymphocytes. A blood test can not show if lymphocytes have simply migrated to intestinal tissue.
-is it a result of medication

The most likely explanation is that it is due to medication. It is likely a form of myelotoxicity, which generally takes a very long to recover from, even after immunosuppressive medication is discontinues.
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The normal procedure for people with crohn's disease who have lymphopenia, is for the gastro to consult with an immunologist who will aks for more specific lymphocyte tests, CD4+ and will try to exclude HIV or other infections.

That immunologist should keep an eye on the lymphocytes and help the gastro balance risks for the patients when it comes to medication.