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Blood test kit freaking me out


I have had a zillion blood tests and I watch what they do because I'm a germaphobe. They almost always open the needle from a little half plastic/thick paper backing container and they use the same elastic band and suction cup on each person.

today is the first time I saw the needle in a little plastic sleeve. I'm now scared that somehow its some cheap alternative made in China or I don't know. I never saw that before and the phlebotomist was very nasty so I didn't want to say too much.


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When you say a plastic sleeve - there had to be something covering the end of the needle where it attaches to the syringe etc...some needles incorporate a plastic cap which gets twisted off inspead of being in a bubble type of package.

This is an example....

They have been around a looonngggg time...


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I'm sorry, but I've just giggled. No Guts is worried that the syringe was made in China and Paso has just uploaded a pic of the Chinese syringe made in China and on the Chinese Alibaba site. tee hee