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Blood test not good

Been on 50mg of Mecaptopurine for a month,took another test last week to see how my Liver is doing,so I could go up to 75mg,well not so good my ALT was 145 normal is < 36 thats crazy high,My GI sent me an Email and said stop taking Mecaptopurine for 3 days then drop the dose to a half pill or 25mg he also said my CRP is high and my Crohns could be active,well great crohns is active and i'm droping my dose,is 25 mg even effective?? well I replied to his Email and asked if 25mg is even effective and what is our stategy now. All re-post tommorror when he replies.
Hi 5 iron,
I had the same prob when my ALT reached 139 earlier this summer, shot up from 66 the previous week! Mine was stopped temporarily to allow the levels to reduce. I then restarted it, but we decided to not take the dose above 75mg, just in case it happened again. Touch wood, it seem's to have done the trick. ALT did rise to 89 last month, but dropped again without the need to reduce my dose. Gastro thinks that I may always have high results, but as long as it doesn't exceed 100 is allowing me to continue on this dose.
Hope you can get this sorted and find an effective dose for you. It's been my life saver this year (despite the initial probs).
Good luck,
Hey 5iron - I've had a lot of trouble with 6mp/high liver levels this year, too. I was on 75 and had to drop to 50 - my liver levels improved (were 220 and 136, now are practically normal) but I started having gut-symptoms. I changed my diet (cut out milk, and reduced sugar and gluten) and I'm doing ok gut-wise now.

I don't know if 25 is effective or not, but just wanted to encourage you that it's possible in general to drop the dose and change diet so that your liver and gut can both be relatively ok.