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Blood test results.....confused as usual!

Hi all
I've just had my blood test results. All are in green apart from the following
Total white blood count 15.5 (3.7-11)
Neutrophil 11 (1.7-7.5)
Monocyte 2.1 (0.2-1.1)
Although these are higher than they should be, when I rang the gp I was told that all my tests were normal and the doctor doesn't need to see me. I know blood tests are unreliable but should I be worried? Is there any point talking to the docs? Are these higher results normal for people with Crohn's? As always thank you for your help.
Usually if those are elevated or a little low it's nothing to be of concern as long as other factors of your blood work are normal.--- that's what I was told, as mine is usually off too