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Blood test results

Would love your thoughts on this, 6 wks ago we reduced our sons' 6mp as per his bloods and drs advice, we have just now had bloods done again to see that all is in order.

We are still waiting on those results but his ferritin levels have dropped, I wonder is this to do with his reduced dosage? His iron has been stable for the most part this year.

He also has mild neutropenia (white blood cells) the dr isn't too worried about this, this has been the same for a while, would this be because of the 6 mp or what else would cause this to happen? Our son is healthy and active bit I worry that his iron may be on the slide again, thanks in advance xx


It is hard to know with ferritin. As ferritin also acts as an marker of inflammation.

Have you had iron studies done? If so can you post the results and the previous results?
For some reason the iron result is not on the report, the dr said the ferritin level is the best way to check?? He is having a faecal calprotectin test done asap so that will give us more info x


The thing about ferritin test is that when it is low under 15 it is always means low iron.

But it can measure higher and still actually be low when it acting an marker of inflammatory.

my little penguin

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Plus ferritin is a storage thing ( think savings in the bank) if its really low the overall iron has to have been running low for a while since the body goes to withdraw from the ferritin only if the iron floating through the blood for daily use is low.

DS had low ferritin in Jan .
He has been on iron supplements ever since .
It took three months to increase the ferritin levels slightly.