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Blood test shows inflammation

I got my blood results and my CRP is slightly elevated and higher than my last result. When I had my colonoscopy 3 years ago, it showed active ileitis but because all my other tests were “normal” my doctor left it and said it “could be Crohn’s but we aren’t going to diagnose you”.

Fast forward to this January and I’ve had chronic bloody diarrhea since then. Pain is higher, especially after eating, and in the lower right quadrant. I’m exhausted, I’ve lost about 15 pounds without doing anything, but my weight is “stable” according to my doctors because I always go after lunch. My weight according to my scale at home when I weigh myself consistently in the morning, it’s gone down.

When I went to look at my results I found out my GI NP cancelled my appointment without any explanation. I can’t get ahold of her or the office but will call tomorrow. I’m also still waiting on my stool tests...

I don’t want to be diagnosed with Crohns but I want an answer and if it’s Crohns then so be it...we can treat it and maybe I’ll get some relief. The GI has me start increasing fiber as well and I’m miserable. It’s so painful and I’m still going 4 or 5 times an hour!
I was surprised by your doctor's reaction from three years ago. I hope you get answers and relief soon.

Me too, and I’ve only gotten worse since seeing him. He diagnosed me with IBS-D but never really did any more testing or anything, so if I do have Crohn’s (which I believe I do and it runs in my family) it’s gone untreated for at least three years and most likely more because I’ve had symptoms for probably 6.