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Blood transfusion

blood transfusion

Hi every one this is ians wife heather, I just wanted to give everyone an update on ian.
Ian was rushed in to hospital yesterday for a blood transfusion as he has lost so much blood. for the last 3 weeks he has been so poorly and getting worse and would not let me call his dr any way i called him monday and we saw him yesterday and he had blood and urine samples taken and he also had a hugh heamoroid which was cut and the blood clot taken out he also has to have calcium injections he is also to have a minor op tomorrow to clean him out and a scan and another colonoscopy on monday. the last few weeks have been awful as i felt so inadeqete as he is asking me to help him and i couldnt. Iam so pleased he found this site although he never told me until today that he had joined it anyway i will keep u all posted. It is so reassuring to know that we have support from other people who know what ian is going and that wre not alone.
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Hey Heather,

Posted on Ian's original post. Good luck with everything and thanks for the update....................


Thinking about you both, :hug: