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Blood transfusions during surgery and immunosuppressants.

I will get a proctocolectomy surgery in 2 weeks due to Crohn's disease, and I've been using the maximum dose of 6MP (an immunosuppressant) for the last 2 years.

I had a resection surgery before, and received blood transfusions before and during the surgery; but I was not using any immunosuppressants at that time.

I looked at the tests carried out on blood donations, and the screenings for possible infections doesn't seem comprehensive to me.

Take a look:

I mean, there are many other viruses (let alone other kinds of microorganisms) that might be present in the blood that is used for transfusion. This might not be a too big deal for a person with a healthy immune system; but what about people who use immunosuppressants?

It seems dangerous to me.

What do you think?
I think you should ask your doctors, they must have an answer.

Also after surgeries they usually give you massive loads of antibiotics through IV