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Blood Work Questions

Hello all - I will provide a little background but wondering about some blood work abnormalities I've just experienced and if they can be tied to Crohn's or Entyvio. I've been on Entyvio for about almost 2 years now and it seems to be working. Finally got active inflammation down enough in year 1 on it to have a stricture removed in terminal ileum (ileocecectomy) last November and overall feeling much better after that is out of there. However, last month or so have been having very water stools and off-and-on normal to hard stool one day followed by extremely watery for a day or two and then start the cycle over.

So, GI ordered some blood work and all OK - Ferritin, Iron, C-Reactive, etc. But, my bilirubin is very slightly high (1.4 with highest normal being 1.2) and my WBC slightly low (3.77 k/ul with 4 k/ul lowest normal). All other labs look well within range. My PCP says nothing to worry about but waiting on GI to get back to me. I am wondering if anyone else seen anything with this? I know Entyvio blocks WBC over abundance in the GI and can also cause liver issues so curious if you think this might be the cause of these abnormalities? Or if they might be something new going on in my body to worry about? Or, hopefully, just an anomaly that corrects to normal on the next test.

Any insight or similar experiences would be much appreciated! Little freaked out about it being some beginning sign of liver problems after finally getting my Crohn's under control after 12 years of fighting!


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I would wait and see what the next bloodwork looks like - the levels could just be a fluctuation...do you get routine bloodwork done? I get labs pulled every other infusion (Remicade) so that's every 4 months...