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Blood Work Results Questions

Just got my labs back and I have some questions about the IBD panels that were run, they returned as follows:

ANCA Screen - Negative

No antibodies detected for Myeloperoxidase or Proteinase.

ASCA IGG - 25.2 (equivocal)
Reference range <20 negative, 10.1-29.9 equivocal, >=30 positive

ASCA IGQ - negative.

Celiac was negative, but I did have low Immunoglobulin A (80, reference range is 81-463 mg/dL)

Is anyone able to explain what this indicates? Haven't yet been able to speak to my doctor, so I'm getting a bit anxious. All other blood work seemed normal. The only GI symptom that I have is LLQ pain and the occasional constipation.