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Blood Work - Scared !

Hi , if someone can help me I would appreciate it !

I had an apt with my GI on Monday , He has put me on steroids and doubled my methotrexate as I have been in a flare since April (this is the first time I could get an appt)

I have received a copy of his letter today that he sends to my GP.

It says in the letter that from my last bloods (I have them monthly) I have relatively high platlet count and Neturophil.

This has worried me as I don't understand it :(
Being stupid I stated googling and now am worried there is something seriously wrong with me. Im starting to panic and am crying and am at a loss.

If someone could please give me some advise as I really don't know who else to talk to about this as it's now 5.30 pm and my GP & GI are closed.

Any help at all would be great


High platelet counts are an indication of inflammation. High neutrophil count can be seen in inflammation or infection. (there are other reasons but vey rare and unlikely)
It is very likely in your case that they are both raised because you are in a flare. Do you have a temperature? If you do this could also be the cause of the raised neutrophil count.

My platelets often go up if Crohns is more active its about one of the only things that does.

Don't panic! It is extremely unlikely anything is seriously wrong ...besides if they were concerned they would have rung you with the results and asked to see you.

These results fit with what your GI says- you are in a flare and need to increase your meds.

ps they would be much more worried if they were very low!


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It's sometimes idiopathic too, it doesn't always mean something is wrong. There are many many cases of people having idiopathic abnormalities in leukocyte counts. The immune system is hugely complex, it's often really hard to pinpoint any issues. Don't cry, just relax, they will figure it out.
Thank you for the reply littlemissh,
I am pretty sure im in a flare (so hopefully that's why there raised) but no temperature , Just diarrhea , tiredness, abdo pain and mouth ulcers have been going on for about 3 months now. He didn't mention anything when I had my appt on Monday but has put my methotrexate up by nearly double and started steroids again :( If that doesn't work by the time my next appt comes around then he is thinking of stating remicade again which I don't really want (it made my hair fall out last time)
I am under a lot of stress at the moment :( and think just seeing that in the letter and not understanding it really scared me. And google is the worst ! I really don't know why I do it to myself.
Thanks again :)
Thanks Kiny,
Hopefully it's just the flare doing it , Been on steroids for a few days now and im starting to feel better than I have in months, Been moved to 2 weekly bloods because of the methotrexate being increased so hopefully by the time I have my next bloods things may be ok.
Bit stressed out at the moment (have a lot going on) and being on the steroids again , think its all making me more emotional than normal.
Thanks again, So grateful for this website and to the people who post :)