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Blood Work

I just received my most recent bloodwork results and there were a few flags on them. I haven't been able to reach either my GI or my rheumatologist to see exactly what any of it means, I thought maybe someone on here may have a bit of insight. I've tried google as well but just end up confusing myself.

Background - Rheumatoid arthritis dx in Dec 2011. Currently taking 1 ml methotrexate injection weekly and 20 mg plaquenil daily.

Crohns dx just very recently. Getting set to start Remicade and have done TB test as well as xrays for TB.

So my readings that have been flagged are:
B12 - 1237 pmol/L normal range is 198-615
Gamma Glutamyl Transferase - 10 UL normal range is 12-43
Alanine Aminotransferase - 9 UL normal range is 10-44

So my B12 seems very high and the other 2 are slightly low. From what I can tell from reading they all maybe indicate a liver issue? Or possibly an infection of sorts.

Anyone with any experience with this?

I can't say much about the B12. Mine gets higher when I'm inflamed. As for GGT and ALT, it doesn't mean anything when it's low. It's actually a good thing!