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Bloody Mucus? Pic attached.... Sorry its gross

Hey guys. I've pretty much been ok lately until now. So last Sat I went to a wedding and didn't eat anything crazy but Sunday morning I woke up with diarrhea (went about 4-5 times). I was a little woozy but nothing serious.

I starting taking mesalamine enemas at night all week and was pretty good
(1-2 bm's a day) until today.

I woke up at 7am and was real gassy, and then the bm's started (3 times so far). Not liquid diarrhea, but loose and fluffly pieces that come apart.

And I saw a bunch of these things in the stool pieces. Unfortunately I think its bloody mucus. The only red things I eat are srawberries and dark grapes. No tomatoes.

Any ideas? What do you think? Its Saturday so I can't see the doc so I may go fill a prescription of Xifaxan. This sucks.



I get the same stuff periodically, but I haven't been able to pinpoint exactly what it is. Someone else on the forum had it at one point too, and her GI said it was the intestines shedding themselves. So yeah, bloody mucus. I'm not 100% sure though.

I always worry when I get this nasty stuff too!
I have bloody mucus also, when I am flaring. I also heard it is the lining of your intestines. Sorry your having a rough go right now.