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BM after surgery

Last Friday I had surgery under a general anaesthetic to drain a perianal abscess.

Prior to this I had regular properly formed 1-2 BM's a day. One pretty much first thing in the morning.

It's now Thursday and every morning I have D first thing in the morning and occasionally later in the day.

Should I be worried or is there anything I particularly need to keep an eye on?

I am very careful to keep the wound site clean and am following the doctor's instructions closely. I'm just not sure if this can just be taken as part of my body's reaction to anaesthetic/painkillers/surgery.

Oh and I've only ever had surgery once before this when I had my appendix removed prior to diagnosis and start of any treatment. They found the physical signs of Crohn's near the appendix then and the day of the surgery I went into my first full flare up.
BMs could be affected and change after surgery.

I'd not be worried, but tell your doctor he may want to give you something and monitor it.
Hi Mint. Agree with Guerrero and Cmack.
Following every surgery for fistulas I've had so far, it takes about a week to get back to my regular BMs. That's due to all the chemicals from the anaesthesia chemical and the antibiotics (which I usually take for about one week post surgery).
All the best and hope you feel better soon!