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Body Odor help

My dad has long battled a Crohn's--over 2 decades now and he's been on every medication. Recently my mother came up to me and asked me how we can approach the subject of body odor with him. He's always had bad BO which we contributed to his medications etc but it is very hard to talk to him about. (He listens but he hates going to the dr's more than he already does) And the smell has gotten worse. The best I can describe it as is it can sometimes be sweet, tangy but most of the time it smells like he's rotting from the inside out. He has frequent blood work to check his levels etc and though it isn't the greatest there is nothing concerning. We've changed body soaps and scrubs but he comes out clean and smells again shortly after. He will wear axe sometimes and I kid you not its like his BO in combination with the axe creates a new smell..

What should we be telling the doctor? What should we be looking at? Diet is being looked at. Any advice would be great. what has worked for you guys out there experiencing the same thing? I have Crohn's myself and I haven't reached this point yet in bad BO but if there is something I should be doing myself now I'm willing to do anything.


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He definitely needs to see a doctor about this since there are some serious medical conditions that could be the cause.the doctor is the best one to consult about it.there could be liver and kidney problems or dental issues to name a few.
Hopefully it may be dietary and soon rectified
Feel better soon