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Bone density problems from prednisone?

I was on prednisone for about a year and it took me a long time to taper due to severe Crohn's. I recently had a bone density DEXA scan to test for possible complications of the prolonged steroid use. My bone density came back abnormally low and I am now on high doses of calcium, Vitamin D, and have been directed to follow up with an endocrinologist.

Have others had this problem? Would you be willing to share your experiences and/or information regarding long-term outcomes?

(Note: I am a 35-year-old female, 5'7", and approximately 115 lbs. I take Cimzia injected 200mg every two weeks and have had pretty positive results with that.)
I have osteopenia as well, but haven't been on pred for a very long time, but have had high doses iv in between. In my case, I would suppose, my body density is too low, as my symptoms have been untreated for 8 years, in addition, I always was a slim person and not eating that much, probably never eating enough calcium. As I have no DEXA from childhood etc. I have no idea when my density decreased though.
One good thing: It can improve when being on anti tnf, I read in a study result. You might find something on pubmed.gov, searching for bone density etc.