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Bone healers?

Hey there, just wondering if David and any other diet/ supplement gurus can advise on what to eat or take to aid healing of a broken bone?


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I am by no means an expert, but I would imagine calcium and vitamin D would be a good place to start. My mother always tells me that weight-bearing exercise can help build bone in general, although with a broken bone I've always heard that movement is bad so I guess I wouldn't lift weights, at least not with that foot/leg, until things are healed.

I hope you heal up soon, Helen! No more stomping around, no matter how naughty your dog is! ;)
Taking enough vitamin D3 to reach a testing level above 50ng/ml and below 70ng/ml should help speed along bone healing from what I've read. Taking vitamin K2 or eating foods rich in it will help greatly too.

Recall this article that might be of help.

"Fractures and vitamin D"


Also thought to mention, if needing to take a steroid like prednisone, you'll want to talk to your doctor about going off. Medications like prednisone are notorious for their bone density lowering side effect.

Good luck!


My D3 supplement actually says "Bone Health" on the label. I'm not a real whiz-bang on this stuff. My doctor tells me I'm low and to take this or that, and so I do. But I can read a label... usually. :)



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I don't have a clue (sorry) but the main reason I'm chiming in is to dispel any notion that I am in any way a diet or supplement guru. I have SO MUCH to learn and everything I say should be ran by a doctor or one hell of a nutritionist before commencing any of it. :) I'm simply passionate about all this and love doing the research in an attempt to hopefully help others (and maybe myself).

My ego certainly thanks you for stoking it though ;)