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Books on health

What books have you read on the subject of Crohn's/colitis/digestive health? I'm an avid reader especially when taking things into my own hands (like my health) and am always in search of a new book to teach me something that will help me learn more about helping myself so I'm not so reliant on the medical community. I get quite excited when I find a new interesting book and found one in London a few days ago. (Isn't Foyle's bookshop a treasure!?) My current mission has transferred from finding a diet that works to how exactly does the digestive system work and how is it affected by our living/eating styles because it is so different from person to person. I learn bits and pieces that work for me from each book and move on to another. I've just picked up a copy of Gut Wisdom: Understanding and Improving Your Digestive Health by Alyce M. Sorokie. It doesn't apply to Crohn's/colitis specifically though does mention it under the umbrella term of IBS but is more informative than any Crohn's/colitis book I've ever seen. It is something of an "alternative" approach but is also a great place to learn the basics about that part of the body we're dealing with on a daily basis and how important it is to the whole of our bodily health.
Anyone else?