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Borderline Personality Disorder

I have several 'mental health' diagnoses, but is the most destructive IMHO. The symptoms of this condition leads to constant self harm (cutting with a razor blade) and daily suicidal thoughts.

I also tend to 'over react' to situations. For example, a trip to the local seaside being cancelled can lead to extreme anger, self harm and quite strong suicidal feelings.

People with this disorder often push people away from them with there behavior, and end up alone, which is a problem, as one of the symptoms is feeling lonely.

Hi kingo, i have had crohn's for 21 years now and i have had bipolar disorder(manic depression) for about 10 years. and my crohn's has flared up again and i am on my second month of predisone which attends to effect mood function. i get very lonely because people don't just understand the nature of this disease. it's hard to explain to people what you are feeling inside it's a huge life change. i use to have suicidal thoughts all the time, so your not alone, but i put them out of my head and continue my day and tough it out. i play alot of computer games which helps me concentrate on other things besides my crohn's and i browse the web alot to look up as much info as i can about this disease. but, i think this forum has all the answers you need people here have been through it all. so fire away with questions and don't let crohn's get to you. you can beat it. i have all the confidence in you. try not stress yourself out because it will only make the problem worse instead of better. if you have true friends they will understand and i hope your family unit is strong. best wishes.

Well, on the subject of support in this lovely family-like forum.. you're not alone on the self-mutilation aspect either. I don't care to venture too far down that dark path, but I will raise my hand and say I know a little about that.

With the short time I've known you, you seem like an extremely strong individual. Especially knowing now that you have these demons that you have to fight off constantly.


P.S. Video was very informative.


Is that you Zoidberg?
Why have you changed your name.

Sorry you're going thro hard times mucker.
hope you're ok


This really explains why you have been so heavy on my mind! I'm really happy that you brought back the licky cow, by the way. I missed it!

I know a bit about personality disorders, as someone very close to me was diagnosed with DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder, or more commonly, Multiple Personality Disorder). It's quite different then what you are going through, but I know of some of the pains felt inside because of such disorders, and I'm very sorry that you have to live like that.

Please know that we all care about you, Zoid, and want you to be happy and well. I think you did the right thing letting us know about this. You're very brave, and I'm proud of you!

You'll always be in my prayers!
When I was 18, I was flaring pretty badly and looking everywhere for a diagnosis. After a colonoscopy, multiple blood tests and some other stuff, I was told by my GP that I should see a psychiatrist (it's all in my head...sure.) So I went. I was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, depression and an eating disorder. At first, I was happy to attribute all my symptoms to these mental health problems. But after about a year, I realized there was more going on. I pretty much blamed everything on my BPD, because it was easy. Now, my doctors blame alot of my problems on it. I'm not convinced I even have it. I don't have as many issues as they say I "should." Even with the prednisone, I'm not experiencing very many symptoms. So, I would like to say I know how you feel, but maybe I don't. Although I've been diagnosed with BPD, and I do have some of the symptoms, I can't say for sure that I have it. Maybe I do, and it just doesn't bother me as much as it does for some people. I often think about suicide, especially now that I've been sick for so long. But I feel like that is natural. I no longer harm myself, in terms of cutting. Haven't done that for years. I'm also not slutty or attention seeking, like they say I should be. I honestly have like, no sex drive. And I can not flirt. I'm not attracted to anyone except my boyfriend. I do have pretty bad mood swings and anger issues, but that's about it.
I hope you feel better, though.