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Bowel incontinence

Hello all,
My journey started with a bad case of C. Diff which went undiagnosed for about 2 weeks before I got the right medication to clear my body of that infection. But during my 2-3 weeks of bloody diarrhea I lost control of my bowels. I went to the hospital again and then was diagnosed with mild to severe chrons after a colonoscopy and samples taken. But what brought me to the hospital this time was for a vaginalrectal fistula which is difficult to deal to deal with and keep myself clean. (Sorry for the tmi) needless to say, I'm dealing with the diarrhea the best I can, and sometimes it's not always runny/loose, sometimes it's a little more firm. And to note, I've been on a low fiber diet this whole time I've been in a flare. I guess what I'm really wanting to know is if there's anyone out there that has lost control of their bowels, and will I gain control again on my own? I'm also just on vancomycin and prednisone to calm my bowels but call me crazy, it seems like the steroid is actually making me go more? I'm just so tired of going to the bathroom so much and seem like I can never really stay dry. I'm wearing diapers as a 30 year old right now and its hard to see a future without them and getting back to work. Can anyone relate?