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Bowel obstruction as first or early symptom?

I'm curious how many people out there have had zero or only mild, occasional pain before suddenly faced with a bowel obstruction that led to diagnosis. From what I've read, it seems particularly out of character for Crohn's to do that level of damage before being noticed.

Or am I wrong?

I realize that everyone is different, but there does seem to be a more typical theme with Crohn's: abdominal pain after meals, bloody or loose or frequent stools, anemia, etc. But I'm wondering how common it is for someone to go from nothing or mild pain straight to a full-on bowel obstruction as their first or nearly their first symptom.

Anyone out there fit that mold?
Everyone is different. You also mught post this in the section under Surgery in the subsection which i tgink is called Strictures and Obstructions. I hope you feel better.
Yes me! My first symptom was I believe a partial bowel obstruction. I woke up in the middle of the night with the awful waves of pain above my belly button. It passed and I thought it was a one off but they kept coming back. No doctor would do any testing and eventually my bowel perforated