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Bowel Prep Horror!

Crohn's Mom

How many parents out there have to fight with the kiddos over "bowel prep" ?? :lol:

OMG I love this girl of mine to death, but man o man is she stubborn !
She was supposed to have the (4 liters) finished about an hour a go and she's barely finished half ! Don't get me wrong, I know from experience it's disgusting, but still.....

She has convinced herself that drinking all of it is absolutely unnecessary !

Arrggghhh ! :rof:

Tell me your horror stories with your kids "prep" day! Make me laugh !! :headbang::headbang::headbang:
Mom I am sorry your 18 year old knows it all! LOL!!! Maybe she wants the Dr.s to jump through some extra hoops tomorrow! Hahahaha But this is not the time for a pay back! I realize this is hours after you have posted I sure hope you 2 unlocked your "prep" horns & that she is in the clear now! I don't have any horror stories Daniels one & only was for the oscopy & he didn't know what to expect. Learned quickly though & was way too miserable with a sore bum to complain. My oldest was emergency surgery with NO prep! I am sure you know that the Cleaner the Whistle the less likely of having a sick tooter! I don't know if you giggled or not.....I'm just hoping for a smile of relief that by now that this part is over!!! This time tomorrow night will hopefully be a distant memory!


I don't blame her a bit. Ha ha.

My husband had to have a colonoscopy last year. He fussed and whined like a 2 year old. I kept saying "Claire did this in the hospital........" Then I remembered they bribed her with a toy every time she had to drink another glass.

We should have stocked you with toys!!!! LOL LOL (Like MomofIBDs I'm trying to make you laugh.......)

I'm not a parent, but my parents always have a tough time with me when I need to drink the prep. Last I drank it though I had dulcolax and mag citrate. After one bottle I was done. Lol. Mainly because it caused a bad reaction with me, but when I did the golytely it took me hours to get one glass down. I remember my mom played monopoly with me to distract me so I would drink more and not even realize it Lol


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Okay T, I don't think this is going to make you laugh! Matt's surgeon put in BIG letters on his admission sheet - NO PREP REQUIRED! :eek:utahere:

Roo's was an emergency so she didn't have any prep.

Yikes! :shifty-t:

Crohn's Mom

Thanks ladies ! I loved the giggles ! Too funny !

And Dusty ... seriously ?? wow ! Lucky kid !:p

Gab had to not only drink those 4 liters (which she managed to do), but also take 6 pills of Neomycin 500 mg, 6 Erythromycin 500mg, and laxatives! And all that is in addition to the prednisone, Apriso, 6mp, Cipro, Macrobid, ferrous sulfate, and protonix that she takes daily !! :poo: AND she had to scrub her body with Hibiclen's soap tonight, and again in the morning. All that with not a drop of food all day ! WHEW ! LOL

Matt is one lucky kid ! And if he doesn't think so right now....read him that list ! :emot-dance::emot-dance:

and I forgot to mention .. I had to give her Promethezene tablets 4 times today to try and prevent the vomiting....it almost worked !!:lol:
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4 litres :yfaint: Yewww, that is a lot of the yukky stuff. Haven't had the clean out stuff.........yet.......but had a barium meal for the first time a couple of weeks ago. I'm afraid my drinking it was somewhat akin to a Bushtucker Challenge ( a la 'I'm a Celebrity...' )
Maybe you could develop a star reward system for every cup she manages to down?? :)


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I feel for you and your kiddo! My most recent colonoscopy was done the day before Thanksgiving. I did fine until around 11:30 p.m. I started to shake and got very nauseated. I really had to hold back the puking because when I do, it's hard for me to stop, and a couple of times, I have required an IV. I hate the bowel prep.!!! Hugs for both of you.


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Ha ha, I can remember when I was a kid my dad would always bribe me with Star Wars action figures (and yes, I'm a girl) to get me to behave when I had to go to the doctor or dentist. :D Bribing with toys really works!

Andi, I am in the same boat as you - I have to take LOTS of anti-nausea meds when I do prep or it's barf city for me too. And both times I've done prep, I've required IV fluids afterwards. Even the time I did 1/2 prep I still got too dehydrated and needed IV fluids! Not fun. My body seems to dehydrate really easily. I had to have IV fluids about 6 times last year and twice was because of prep. Bleh!


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They need to come up with a prep that is nicer and gentler on everybody. Why does it have to insult your digestive tract so violently. I feel even more sorry for the kids. Yes, Cat, I am thankful for those anti-nausea medications. Blech!!! To this day, I still do not want anything cherry flavored. That was the flavor of the Go-lytly. More like go hard and hurtfully!
Ok, We have a prep here (Canada) that is 3 packets of powder dissolved in 4 oz of water taken the afternoon before, the evening before, and the morning of. No cramps, not hours on the toilet. I did this prep personally and Lucas too, and he was really sick when he did this prep and he had no nausea. It is called Pico-salix and as far as preps go, not too bad.
I actually didn't mind drinking the prep. I had a thing of MiraLax in a 2 Liter of Sprite. Didn't taste bad at all. I thought everyone overreacted about colonoscopy prep...

...little did I know what the next 8 hours on the toilet would bring...
I feel your pain! When my girl had to do her prep, I resorted back to my younger partying days. She would lick some salt, chug the "juice" and bite on a lemon.
Good luck!
Our amazing peds gastro (we switched insurance providers this year in order to get him) has the easiest prep ever: Miralax in Gatorade. Hannah had become so sensitized to the Go Lightly, phosphosoda, etc. over the years that as soon as they touched her lips she would start puking. This was the easiest one ever! Ask your doctor about it. I think it was 255/238 gram bottle of Miralax and 64 oz of Gatorade.
This is what my son was given but mixed his with sprite also. He seemed to get through it much easier than I did with the other yuky stuff I had years ago! I think it was some Phospho soda stuff?
The preps I've had tasted nasty. I feel very bad for the children who have to force it down.

I have a question: Does the type of prep a doctor gives you have anything to do with the type of crones you have, if not why do you think the different preps are given out? Last time I received the Miralax (w/gallon of clear liquids) and 2 ducolax tablets. This time I was given a script for Suprep Bowel Prep Kit.

Crohn's Mom

I think it depends on the doctor, and the patients age.
Gabrielle usually gets the Miralax and ducolax prep.
However, she just turned 18 before her surgery so I guess they didn't want to be so nice anymore! LOL

I myself, wil be requesting the Miralax prep the next time I have to have a procedure that requires it. I don't see why they would torture anyone, at any age, with the (BARF)-O-lite when the Miralax clearly does the same thing! LOL
Crohns mom - I don't think any of us made you laugh. . . during one of the scope preps, when Hannah was quite a bit younger (9 or 10 maybe) she was standing in the kitchen, drank whatever the nasty stuff was that time and immediately started puking. It wasn't quite projectile, but it certainly had momentum. As she was throwing up and crying she was yelling, "I'm sorry mom! I'll clean it up." At the time it wasn't funny at all, but now we can laugh about it. And, no, I didn't make her clean it up.
You see everything these kids go through, and they worry about US!! I keep thinking if these little beings can handle so much, and not miss a beat, there has to be something bigger they are going to achieve.
The first prep i had tasted orangy and was actually quite nice..... so i wasnt really fussed about my next one until the first sip..i spat it straight back out!

took me ages to drink it all and even had to put orange juice in it!! made me gag
apparently some preps make you 'cleaner' than others because different procedures need different results :S x
OMg, I have to go through it next week with a 2 y/o.. I will let you know how that goes.. Not sure how to get her to do anything... UGH!!!

Crohn's Mom

OH My ! Good luck to you sparky!

AzMom had some great ideas for "bribes" for her little one yesterday (6 years old)..:ylol:

I had to prep my son when he was 6 months old once.....he spent a LOT of time in the bathtub that night! LOL

Let us know how it goes . hang in there :)
The one we use here is Citric something, tastes soooo yukky. The first few times we did it, both kiddos and I have done numerous preps, the kiddo got 1/2 way done and said, Im not going for the test in the morning. My response, yoooooooo you drank 1/2. your gonna start poopin' soon, whyyyyyyyyyy would you want to poop for hours and then cancel ?? he actually lauffed thinking that he should have said he wanted to cancel BEFORE drinking the stuff LOL
So I am guessing the Miralax is the prep of choice for all???? I go this week to see a surgeon & schedule a Endo & Colon oscopy for me. Not a CD problem but I guess since I have several boys with it my funky genes are causing an uprising again! Anyone want to bribe me with toys??? Hahahahaha! I just hope the Dr. will go for that type of prep! The old one had the ability to spewwwwwwwwww! :pale: :puke_r: Just thinking of it is making my stomach ROLL!!! :eek:
But I will Buck Up....if my sons can go through it! Then so will I!

Crohn's Mom

Hey Mom...just want to wish you luck with your scopes this week!
Hopefully you don't have to speewwwwww! :rof:

Let us know how it goes ! :kiss:
:eek2:Hey Mom sorry I've been so busy that I have only had time to take a peek in on things here! As for the " prep " let's just say I am getting the just of it RIGHT now! As for taste hands down I like the Mirolax! Can't say I love it cuz who wants to love this stuff! I will be blunt & say it isn't causing cramps so that's a good thing too! I won't know anything till tomorrow afternoon as I don't get the double whammy till after 12:30! Yep don't have to be at the hospital till then!
No spewwwwwing! But the sweet gatoraide is getting a bit much. My eyeballs are starting too float a bit!

Crohn's Mom

AAAAhHHHHHH there you are !! I've been wondering/worried about you! Glad to know you are just busy tho :)

Good luck ...glad it's "just" Miralax! LOL
Let us know how the results are ...fingers crossed ! :)

My eyes are not floating now. Not sure what to do now??? Didn't think it would be a problem! Guess I will call the Dr. in the am before I go in.

Again sorry Mom didn't mean to worry you. Some days I feel like the girl in the exorcist with spinning head & some one else has invaded myself!


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Thinking about you mate and I have everything crossed that all goes well with the scopes!!!

Give us an update when you get the chance...:hug:

Much love, :Karl:
Dusty. xxxxxxxx
Well it's all done! I had a narrowing in my esophagus just above my stomach & they opened it with a balloon. That's what I expected. The colonoscopy showed one small polyp & was removed. My Dad & my son Micheal both have had polyps removed. So I knew there could be a possibility that I could get them. My last scope was less than ten years ago so it can show up with in the 10 years. It was the Many small polyps in my stomach that threw me for a loop. I am not sure how many he cut out & sent for biopsy but it was a few for sure as my tummy is achy tonight. He said they are rare but it seems to happen more with people who take Nexium. I have been on it for years....about 3 or 4 I think. He doesn't seem worried. So I guess all is not bad, but I will wait for the biopsy to feel total relief! Also I get to double that Nexium for the next 2 weeks to help heal my tummy.
I have to set my follow up for next week to see the Surgeon & get the results.

Dusty girl....LOL....just thinking of all the crossing made me laugh!!! Thanks so much!

Crohn's Mom

You're a real trooper MOM ! :ghug:

Glad you pulled through the testing ok...now, rest, rest rest !

thank you for taking the time to update! :hug:


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Sounding promising Julz so I am hoping that the biopsies follow through with that! I will continue to keep everything crossed hun, man you would be so proud of my contortionistic skills! :lol:

Much love, :Karl:
Dusty. xxxxxxxx


To save time...Ask Dusty!
I hope the biopsy report is blah, blah boring! I couldn't help a little smile that they think the polyps may be caused by Nexium but they told you to double your Nexium after the biopsies!
Mom thanks for the Hug! I am resting as much as I can....in fact all alone for a while! Ahhh enjoying the quiet! :rosette1::hug:

Dusty your skillz amaze me! :awe: :worthy: LOL!!!
I am picturing solitare "Twister" .... it's a game that is played in the US....but with more than 1 person. Surf "Twister" on the net then imagine playing it solo! Enough said as I think the "Drugs" may still be on board (NOT) & I don't wanna get in trouble! Hahahaha :roflanim:

Dex yeah that thought crossed my mind. :confused: But I am guessing from what I have read on the subject last night is that they are a benign kind of polyp. Never expected to become cancer. That's what he expects them to be. But they still have to biopsy to make absolute sure! There are also other kinds of benign tumors of the stomach. I will have to search some more & get my ?'s ready. As I have tried a lot of the other stomach meds & none seem to work like the Nexium does. In fact this past fall my insurance changed & I had to go through them ALL as Nexium is NOT on the special list that is accepted (too much Moola)! Some of the others only lasted days & one I almost ended up in the ER the pain was so bad I thought I was having a Heart Attack! Luckily I still had a few of the Purple Pills left! Ahhh Insurance companies! Need em but hate em! In fact I was thinking about the stuffed shirt in his 3 piece suit sitting behind a desk that has never doubled over in pain ....who decided Nexium was too expensive! Wondering if he would have to go through all the hoops that I did to get the stuff approved????? MMMMM ! I would of loved to pay a smaller copay if the others worked!
I will get off my soap box now! LOL! :tongue:

Now for a parting thought on what this thread was intended for! I am thinking the Moral of the Mirolax prep is since it isn't salty but it is sweet (that's what got me into trouble at the end of the prep). Is maybe the Gatorade should be diluted with water or a club soda (to make it fizzy) what ever your or your childs preference might be. Also pick 1 flavor & stick with it & make sure it's one you love! Pouring it over ice really helped too! Super Cold! It really tasted good until it felt like I had sat down & devoured 2 huge bags of cotton candy on an empty stomach! In fact I think I will ask if I can take an anti nausea med the next time! :yfaint:


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We have Twister here Julz! So are you picturing me with my head up my a***! ahahahaha

Oh, insurance companies. I ain't even going there with you guys...:eek2: :lol:

Much love, :Karl:
Dusty. xxxxxxxx
Dusty....:rof:!!!! Actually that scenario didn't even cross my mind!:ywow: More like you "TRYING" to walk around with twisted toes fingers in twisted hair with crossed eyes!!! Tee he he he! Twisted A##Sets!:rof:

Mom....Back to work tonight so I better get it together! I am not sure if it's the double meds but I am a little blah in the tummy off & on. But then I have been that way for a while. It's nothing compared to what my kids go through!

I was cleaning out some stuff yesterday & came across the discharge paperwork for the last scopes. I had thought it was 8 to 10 years ago....nope it was only 5 years ago. MMmmm I am gaining polyps & loosing my mind as I am getting older! LOL!!! :ybatty:

Enjoy your :sun: today while I am counting these :sheep: today!
Just a pop in with some good news! All is B9 with the polyps. The stomach ones are being seen more often with long term use of Nexium. They are always B9 said the Dr. The polyp in the colon was also B9 but is the type that if left go would become cancerous 5 or more years down the road. So from now on I will revisit this every 5 years with a double scope just to make sure.


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Excellent news Julz! I'm so, so, so happy for you!


Dusty. xxxxxxxx
Hi Guys and ladies. I use to drink it with a straw so It didn't pass over my taste buds and make me sick. I hated that stuff and the salty taste was the worst. The straw worked for me. Oh I never put the stuff in the fridge, room temp. Try it. Bob