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Bowel preperation and surgery

bowel preperation and surgery

Hi is it normal not to have bowel preparation the night before surgery, i'm due to go for laproscopic sb resection tomorrow and wasn't advised to take anything except 3 high calorie drinks, thanks for any advice
I've never heard of anything like this. They are usually suppose to tell you a few days in advanced. Maybe they will give you something before the surgery.
Let us know.
had the surgery 2 weeks ago and no they didn't give me anything except the high calorie drinks which were vile i only managed 1/2 the first one, knocked the 2nd one over and was too nervous to drink the 3rd as it was the day of my surgery!!! I was able to eat normally up to 12 o'clock the night before and then liquid diet the day of surgery, light diet the day after then onto a low residue diet now for 6 weeks. I was on an enhanced recovery programme which basically means eat ASAP to get your bowel back into working order and get up and walk walk walk. It must work as everything back in working order now thankfully.