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Brava Elastic Barrier Strips Refuse Stay Stuck

So I've been using Brava Elastic Barrier Strips lately, and all the reviews I've seen said that they stick wonderfully. People who have had issues w/ other things sticking seem to rave about these. Well, I got'em, and... Yeah. They stick to my skin for about 6hrs, but then begin to peel up. Not just a bit either, they peel up all the way to the outter tape of my colostomy bag. They have no issue sticking to that tape, or to the bag itself... My skin however is another story. I've tried using barrier wipes, not using them, warming up my skin w/ a hair dryer on low before application, not using the hair dryer at all, using the hair dryer to heat up the barrier strip itself, leaving the barrier strip alone... Ugh. No matter what I do, before half the day is up, at least one side is completely peeled up. It doesn't stick back down either. I have to either cut the peeled up part off and put part of another one down, or rip the whole thing off. Sometimes by the 3rd application of them, they'll eventually stick. I don't get what I'm doing wrong either. Anyone else use them and have success? If so, teach me your ways.
I don't have much luck with the brass elastic take sticking for more than a day or two, but there are plenty of brands out there that offer wafer extenders. Request samples and see what works best for you 👍
The Brava strips don't work for me either. I've tried the Coloplast Mio, but they don't stick for more than about 12 hours. I'm still trying to find something that works.


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I love brava elastic tape. It has saved me so many times. Strangely though I have no luck with coloplast bags sticking yet they are the same brand. I guess it all depends on your skin type but a mystery as to why some things work and others don't.