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Brazil Nuts for Crohn's Disease - Great for Selenium


Naples, Florida
Let me preface this by saying I realize many of you can't handle nuts. But for those that can, here's another food you may want to add to your snack list: Brazil Nuts.

Why brazil nuts? Because they are EXTREMELY high in selenium. How high? One ounce of brazil nuts equates to over 700% of your daily intake of selenium. As selenium can be toxic, obviously you want to limit yourself to the occasional brazil nut (I grind one up in a smoothie twice per week but I don't have problems with intestinal absorption).

Why do we care about selenium? One study found that about 26% of people with Crohn's disease are deficient in selenium. And selenium is required for the reaction where something called glutathione peroxidase protects the body from oxidative damage. You want that reaction to happen :)

For those that can't handle brazil nuts, the next best option is tuna and the first link I provided has other good dietary sources.
Will pick some up tomorrow, along with some Sardines. God i'm willing to eat a lot of things I hate if they make me feel better.
I found some dark chocolate covered brazil nuts at the store the other day. They sure are delicious :biggrin: