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Breathing issues with Crohn's

Hi am after some advice for my partner Brain .Has been diagnosed with Chrhns for around 5 months now and is still really struggling.He said he struggles to breath at night and is really worried.He is also very down and not really eating as he is fed up of the same food.
He said he is struggling with work too and needs time to rest as he has no energy.
I dont know what to do ?
He has been to the doctors about 6 months ago about the breathing issues he has at night .He said he gasps for breath if he lays on his back.
The doctors said he is healthy to be honest all the doctors he has seen are really bad.
He is put off going back there cause of it.
He has an appointment to see his specialist next monday but he just floggs him off too. I don't know what to do to help him?
I am worried about his breathing as it is really worrying him and making him
really down.He has stopped taking Pantasa as he said it makes no difference?
Please any advice would be helpfull . thanks Michelle
Hi Michelle! Breathing problem could be psyhological problem. You should be worried that he doesn't take Pentasa anymore. He shouldn't stop taking meds on his own even if he feels that they are not working.


Has he had his Iron and B12 checked recently? If he is anaemic then any physical activity (sitting up, walking etc) could make him out of breath and dizzy.

It may also be asthma. A peak flow test (how hard you can breath out) may indicate a problem. This can be done at the doctors
I highly suggest looking into what Rygon and Acheallove have said, either one of those are most probable.
He should really be seen by his doctor about this breathing issue. Heart issues can cause breathing difficulties especially when lying flat. Not saying he has a heart issue, just that I think he should be checked out to see what is going on. If his meds are not working, maybe his gastro doc should try him on something else. If you can, try and convince him to see his doctor, especially with the breathing issue, I mean he needs to make sure it is not his ticker that is causing this breathing problems at night. It could be something harmless too, but it is better to be on the safe side.
Hi all I have booked him in to see nurse tomorrow afternoon for his breathing and a blood test.I will let you know how it goes! He is seeing his specialist next monday will see if we can change his medication . Nobody understands in my family about Crohn's nice to talk to you all . I have not got Crohn's but I feel pretty hopeless being with someone that has.
Been to see nurse they would not even test him for asthma ! she said wait for specialist which Brian is seeing on monday ! So we have to wait to monday.
Wow, that is nuts! They should have at least orderd an EKG for gosh sakes. That is crazy. Maybe have him stay elevated in bed when he sleeps or prop the bed up on stacks of books. This may help him breathe easier at least until he can get to the doctor. Sorry he has to wait. I feel for him, I know all about that whole waiting game when trying to get in to see the doc!