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Broken Leg "cured" the Crohn's!

3 weeks ago i was due to have a re-section, stricture removal and ileostomy due to really tight stricture, chronic pain, bloating that was so bad i was literally crying every day. I spent every evening with a hot water bottle clutched to my stomach.

Anyway 3 days prior to surgery i broke my leg quite badly and had to be admitted for surgery - all the above symptoms went!

Initially i thought it was due to not eating - i was ni by mouth for 3 days as op kept getting cancelled.

Then i was on a morphine pump so thought it was that stopping the pain.

Its now 2 weeks post op and my stomach has been flat all that time - yes i still have D which is not fun with a broken leg but the cramping, pain etc has all subsided :shifty-t:

Now obviously the stricture is still there so whats happened ? I still will need the surgery once im mobile enough for DVTs to not be a risk but wth is going on???

A friend suggested that the body can only process one lot of chronic pain at a time and as my leg is so chronically painful my brain is forgetting the Crohns, another sugested my immune system is too busy sorting out the metal plates and screws that its not got time to attack my bowels and then another says its because i am confined to bed so am lying down all the time.

What do you guys think?
Wow that sounds amazing and totally makes sense. As I was reading this I wondered if maybe the body deverted in some way because of the injury?? The human body is amazing!

By the way, sorry you broke your leg :( How long do they say it will take til your leg is better? I am curious to see if and when your Crohn's comes back! Keep us posted! ;)
Glad your feeling better Fruitloop! that is a bit crazy :) hopefully the pain stays at bay for a long time so you don't have to do the next surgery too quickly!
I had a weird experience with stricture like that too, I had one that they said would probably have to get removed with surgery, but then I was going in for a gastroscopy, I didnt eat for about 18 hours, then they said it was posponed to the next day (I was admitted to the hospital)

anyway I just had a liquid diet so when it came time for the gastroscopy I hadnt eaten solid food for about 40 hours, this time they were able to push the camera through the stricture and since then I havent had a problem with it. also my abdominal pains got alot better..

it was like giving my intestines almost 2 days of no solid food helped them calm down. I have been considering trying doing that again but havent done it yet.


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Gut rest can help to an extent but in the case with a broken leg as well, makes me think that your body is busy doing other things at the moment. Hopefully it stays that way at least long enough for you to not be in danger of DVTs (or forever, but don't get all Kathy Bates on it from the movie Misery and keep breaking it :p).

Intresting! Yes perhaps your body is sending all resources to your leg and ignoring the guts for a while. Or, the morphine settled things down - it usually does for me.

One thing - don't over think it. Anxiety might bring it back.
I would suspect that like others have said the leg break has transitioned your white blood cells from actively inflaming your stomach which increases the stricture feeling. I recently had surgery and they found the whole range of the disease including active flaring which I found funny since I was not having many problems with symptoms aside from obstruction. This makes me think that your leg break has transitioned your immune system and is saying your stomach is not the priority right now.