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Anyone else have this?
After being diagnosed 7 years ago, my crohns has been almost entirely quiet, with remission maintained on asacol and the dietary protocol of Prof John Hunter.
Suddenly this year I started having wheezy breathing, cough and phlegm. This immediately developed into a cold, and GP diagnosed bronchitis. After taking ABs and the issue still not clearing up after 5-6 weeks, I went to a pulmonologist, who immediately, on hearing that I had crohns, said that bronchiectasis was likely. A second specialist I went to said the same thing, and CT scan confirmed the diagnosis. A third specialist thought it unlikely to do with crohns but more likely due to childhood lung infection... So 2/3 specialists figured that since I have crohns, I must have crohns related lung disease, which appears to be pretty rare. Lucky me. Another chronic and incurable disease to deal with. Anyone else have this? How are you doing? It appears that bronchiectasis is so rare I can scarcely get any info on it...