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Brother with Ulcerative Colitis

My brother was has with UC and he was doing just fine until about a month ago. His medication has been changed but it hasn't made a difference in his symptoms (he was on Asacol and then was put on prednisolone). He's always in pain and has bloody stools and he hasn't been eating well because he's always in pain.
I was wondering if anyone has tried something where they have no medication but only change their diet and have seen any results.
If so what did you guys do because I really want to try and help

Cross-stitch gal

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How long ago was he diagnosed and put on asacol? Depending on how long he's been on the asacol, it might not work for him anymore and he may need a different type of the 5asa medication.

I know that in the past I first was on sulfasalazine and then on asacol. Each of these I was on until they weren't working for me anymore and it was time for something else. I'm currently on pentasa and it's worked well for me. I also take suppositories prescribed for me when in a flare and this helps with the rectal bleeding. You can see this in my signature.

Lady Organic

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you can take a look at IBD-AID in my signature for diet ideas.
Your brother may also need a bigger amount of prednisolone. he should tell his dr asap if he doesnt feel any better after a 2 week intake of it i'd say. pred usually works quite fast.
Some people say they've had success with change of diet but this didn't work for me, medication is what controls my symptoms. From my time on this forum I get the impression that I'm in the vast majority in that diet is not the magic bullet. Yes, I have to eat a very restricted diet in order not to become unwell again and diet is very important in that sense, but for most of us (I think) there is no therapeutic food to replace medication. I agree with others that your brother should get in touch with his GI to discuss his current condition and take advice from them about what he needs to do.
How's your brother doing now Tim? I've noticed there aren't any recent updates...

He's actually been doing really well. His doctor put him on prednisolone again and then back to a slightly higher dose of asacol and he's been feeling much better. Little to no abdominal pain and he's not having to run to the bathroom anymore which is always a good sign. I'm just glad that he's doing better now and isn't in a great amount pain like he used to be.
Thanks for asking [emoji4]