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Brown Bread

hey all :)

Just over a week ago i made the decision to swap any white bread during the day, to brown. I also now take a multi vitamin (with probiotics), and my goodness do i see/feel the difference :) My BMs arnt so loose anymore (still have the urgency to go - which is driving me nuts as its always when someone else is in the bathroom), but i just generally feel better and not so bloated.

And the other way i can tell that im obviously better, is the fact that im on my period, the first time since November.

Anyone else had a good experience with brown bread?
The really brown and heavy bread gives me the worse stomach cramps and I know I'll have to spend the rest of the evening on the toilet. Unfortunately... as its much more healthy then the white bread.
high fiber breads don't work very well for me. they give me stomachache and bloating. However, pumpernickle and rye seem to be good and they are slightly better for you then white bread
Anyone else had a good experience with brown bread?
No, but I like it better than white.

Be careful though, not all brown bread is what it seems.

Some manufactures use things like caramel to dye white bread brown. I found out about this nearly 15 years ago, and after that I had to check the ingredient listing on every single loaf of bread I brought.

Check out the website for : diseaseproof.com/archives/hurtful-food-wholewheat-or-fauxwheat-bread

I have stopped eating bread completely now, as it gives me the most awful cramps and pains afterwards.

Like without bread is tricky at first, but becomes easier over time.


although I rarely have bread at all throuhout my life id always go for brown as its much tastier. But with crohns it doesnt seem to go down well with my stomach :(
Whole grain breads mess me up so badly it's not even funny.

I ate whole grain brown bread almost my entire life and stopped only recently when the doctors told me to get off high residue... the difference is amazing.

A few days ago I had a tuna sandwich at a friends house that used whole grain. I had a very bad bloody stool the day afterwards. It's that bad.
I jsut bought tapioca rice english muffins. They are very expensive but good for the gut. I ahve a rpoblem with getting enough food. I need to eat more often which goes against everything I know. I fear gettting fat. I am going to smoother it in almond butter. I seem also to be craving fresh fruits and veggies. Not sure what's up with that. I seem to really want tomatoes. \
Maybe the natural sugar is better that processed crap I've been eating.
I traded white bread for whole wheat and also white rice for brown - I think I see a small improvement within a week - less diarrhea throughout the day and less pain. I will keep going and wish I will get a big improvement.