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Bruise at injection site with Cimzia

I had my 3-month injection today and one of the two left a huge purple bruise at the site. A little drop of blood came out after I removed the needle, and I didn't much of it because that happened when I first got trained with a nurse. But a few hours later I noticed a big purple bruise about the size of a quarter.

Has anyone had this? Is there something I did wrong that I can try to avoid next time?


It could be a small hive but probably not. You maybe injected to close to a blood vessel without knowing. It's ok for a drop of blood to come up after injecting. I keep pads to press down after I inject. If you ever have blood flush into the syringe you need to remove the needle and discard the syringe because it can no longer be used.

Your bruise will probably just go away in a few hours but keep an eye on it.
Sometimes I get bruises on one of my injection sites a little bit after injecting. I've never really thought much about it because I did the same thing when I was on Humira, too. Just keep an eye on it, and if it really seems odd or bothers you call your doc. It never hurts to keep your doc updated. Hang in there and I hope your bruise goes away!
I inject Humira fortnightly and Neupogen every two days.
Bruising is quite common - just means you've hit a vein along the way.
Some of mine end up being quite big and angry looking - but there's no pain or problems.
Some stick around for a week or more.
You'll be fine.
Nothing bad will happen.
It's just a thing that happens along the way.